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Work From Home Tips During Lockdown To Increase Productivity

Listening to work from home, it seems that work can be done sitting at home with great comfort, but if proper planning is not done then it can be difficult to work from home.

Corona Lockdown: Due to Coronavirus, almost the entire world is facing lockdown. Work is completely at a standstill in many areas, where work can be managed through Work from Home, those companies have asked their employees to work from home. Listening to work from home, it seems that work can be done sitting at home very comfortably, but if proper planning is not done then working from home can be quite difficult. In this case, your output may be affected. Therefore, it is important to manage everything better while doing work from home so that both home and office work can be coordinated and productivity is not affected. There are some tips you can use in this…

Doing Work From Home? Manage with these tips, productivity will be better.

Create a Proper Schedule

Time management is very important while working from home so that you can give time to your work as well as your family. There is a fixed schedule for the office, similarly, create a proper schedule for work from home. Otherwise, everything will go awry. Planning will have to be done to manage office work, household work. Working hours should be set even while working from home.

Set workspace

It does not matter where you are working from, always create a different place of work i.e. set a workspace. This will not cause any kind of hindrance or distracting attention. The workspace should have everything required for work, such as electricity socket for laptop/computer, internet connection, office equipment, files or diary, pens, etc.

Keep Proper Communication

Keep proper communication with your colleagues or boss in work from home so that any work-related details reach each other. Otherwise, it should not happen that any information sent by you or others to you will be missed. Like important emails remaining unannounced for hours.

Complete the Work in Office Work Time

Some people think that if they are at home, then they can complete 9 hours of work comfortably in 12 hours, but this is not right. Of course, you are working from home, try to complete your work according to the office work time. The net slows down half an hour due to being slow, but it is not appropriate to complete 9 hours of work in 12 hours. This affects output and works productivity. The sooner you finish your work, the more time you will be able to give to your family. Learn time management.

Working hours when in pieces

You may not be able to do office work in the traditional way from home like 10 am to 6 pm continuously. In such a situation, tell the boss, how long you can work, when you will be on break, when you will start work again and how you will not allow work to be compromised by managing everything in work from home.

Keep family updated

Support from family members is essential in work from home. So, please give information about your working hours to your family and when you will be free. Especially tell the children about this, if they can understand it. By staying at home all day, they may feel that you are free. If you keep your family updated about your work, then there is less possibility of obstruction in work.

Take breaks from time to time

While doing work from home, take breaks in between. Do some walking for some time. To feel fresh, you can talk to family members for two moments, spend 4-5 minutes with the children, make tea and coffee, drink it, go to the balcony, etc.

Priority of work

Both employees and companies must understand that it is necessary to make time for personal life. Therefore, set working hours. Also, employees should be honest about work. They can also take a break at home like the office, but cannot reduce the priority of work.

Less use of social media

The overuse of social media can reduce your productivity. This should be avoided especially during office work.

Keep drinking water

Drinking water will not distract you. You will feel energetic. This will improve your metabolism and immunity. Physical and mental fatigue is also not felt by drinking water.

Keep yourself stress-free, get rest and get plenty of sleep

Lockdown continues in the country to avoid the coronavirus epidemic. In such a situation, people are locked in homes and feeling stressed. The effect of stress is clearly visible on the body of people who are doing work from home. However, being stressed while doing work from home, it directly affects your personal and professional life. Resting is also very important to remove stress. The body gets rest only when sleep is complete. Do not exit the house in lockdown. Rest at home and have a sound sleep.

Finally, take full care of your mental and physical health. Along with working, it is very important to balance your lifestyle too. Stay away from fast food at home and try to eat healthy and balanced food. Include activities like yoga and meditation as part of your routine. In the time of work form home WFH, try something new in the time that you get free.

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