Unarmed Security Lancaster


Owning a building, a business, or a company requires you to be able to protect and secure your assets and property from various criminal activities that might pose a threat to them. This simply means that it is necessary for you to hire a security guard. By hiring an unarmed security guard service in Los Angeles, it serves as an effective way of securing your business and property. By doing so, you are able to ensure the safety of your customers, property, and even your employees. So, here are some of the important aspects of unarmed security in Lancaster to consider when deciding on which security guard to hire:

●     Maximum Protection

One of the reasons you might consider hiring a security guard is if your business is prone to theft by armed robbers. Therefore, it is necessary to consult an unarmed security guard service in Los Angeles to help guard your business property. By using their service, they would be able to adequately secure and prevent vandalism and theft on your building property. These security guards have undergone various rigorous training and must finish it at a facility approved by the state. If need be, the unarmed security guard service has the authority to arrest citizens.

●     Affordability 

Compared to the various types of guards, unarmed security guards are considered the most affordable. Mostly, by making use of unarmed security guard services in Los Angeles, you can protect your establishment and other valuables that need to be secured. If you decide to hire armed security guards, they must be licensed and trained in carrying and using firearms, thereby adding an extra cost per hour. Also, carrying firearms in and around your premises exposes people to the risk of getting either killed or injured.

●     Reduce Risk

Because security guards are well-trained professionals, there is always a risk of someone getting shot. By making use of armed security guards, the perpetrator can at some point take hold of the security guard’s weapon and end up opening fire on your employee, customer, or even the people around them. In cases where someone sustains an injury or dies due to the shooting, you, as the owner of the building or business, would be held accountable for the situation. However, making use of unarmed security guards can offer you the same level of protection for your building premises without any risk of violence.

●     Visible Deterrence

Unarmed Security Lancaster is considered a great visible deterrent, as they tend to chase away anyone who plans on causing trouble as soon as they notice their presence. Therefore, it is essential to contact an unnamed security guard service that has an effective and working patrol management system that enables the guards to be well trained and control any situation that might serve as a threat to the safety of the property.

●     Surveillance

The presence of an unarmed security guard is to monitor camera feeds and monitor the premises. This makes surveillance quite easy and saves you the stress of looking out for thieves and armed robbers that might want to disturb your business activity all by yourself. Unarmed security in Lancaster is considered quite vigilant and can detect crimes easily. Therefore, you can be assured that your business or premises are in safe hands. 

●     Quick Response to Crime

Most companies have a policy that is put in place on how they respond to or deal with crime, and no matter the approach they take, it will most likely have to involve the police at one point or the other. The importance of having an unarmed security guard service on your premises is that they are well trained and are quite capable of responding to all sorts of crimes or threats as you await the arrival of the police. 


Unarmed guards are ready to take control of any emergency that might occur around their place of position, and they do not require any firearms to perform their duties. Therefore, it is advisable to use unarmed guards as they are also capable of arresting anyone that might be a threat to the surroundings and are trained to resolve any tense situation.

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