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If you have a passion for writing or you are an expert in your field? Submit your content to us! We welcome high-quality content that has some value for readers.

Here’s an outline of our style rules:

Headings: (H1)

Subheading (H2) following primary article heading (H1)

Utilize extra headings (H3) and (H4) in addition to bulleted records to help searchability

Lowercase – titles and headings ought to be written in lowercase (with the exception of the primary word beginning the sentence, names, or places).

Length – At least 800 words.

Unique – Content that has been distributed somewhere else or content that has been re-composed/spinned won’t be acknowledged.

Composing norms – We just distribute composing that is of high caliber and fulfills our quality guidelines.

Pictures – We just use pictures that are sans eminence pictures. We don’t enable authors to transfer these pictures. Notwithstanding, you can propose which picture to use by including connects to these pictures and we will download them.

Kinds of articles not acknowledged – There are a couple of sorts of articles that we don’t acknowledge:

  • grown-up or develop content
  • work postings
  • counsel segments
  • betting substance
  • property postings
  • account counsel
  • the self-limited time or official statements

Your article’s objective ought to be founded on your experience and aptitude.

Connecting rules – All connections included must be utilized for reference, and plainly recognizable to the peruser what they’re being connected to. Sending individuals back to arbitrary sites or a landing page is only an exercise in futility.

Altering and distributing – As editors, we maintain whatever authority is needed to alter your substance for the gathering of people, or send your pieces back for modifications to more readily accommodate our group of onlookers. By and large, articles will be looked into within 10 days.

Social sharing and commitment – We firmly urge you to share content on your social channels and connect with others that are sharing and communicating with your substance. In addition to the fact that this helps your image get more introduction, yet it drives perspectives to your article.