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Famous African Wax Prints You should know About

The fashion industry is an ever-changing industry with various trends that change daily. People are becoming more and more open to the idea of trying new things; people are no longer bound to the idea of cultural clothing. People are experimenting with clothes coming from across the globe.   

And when it comes to experimentation, there are no boundaries. There are so many famous African wax prints that are in style now. Many celebrities promote African wax prints through social media and even by wearing them at significant events.  

If you are a person who likes vibrant colors and love experimenting with new prints and designs, then you should learn more about African Wax Print Fabrics. 

These are a few famous African wax prints fabrics you should know about before going to the market, so you have a clear picture of what you should look for! 


If you are looking for a luxurious mix of cotton and silk clothing, then Kente Print is the fabric for you. It is one of the luxurious African wax prints that come with geometrical patterns and block patterns that you will love wearing a dress made out of it. 

African Kente Fabric

This fabric has beautiful bright colors that you want to die for. You can find some fantastic Kente designs by famous designers like Julius Wax Holland; they have a luxurious collection of African Wax Print fabric that is unique and customized according to the customer’s needs.

Animal Prints 

Animal Prints with vibrant designs and colors are among the famous prints you will find in African Wax Print. Prints like leopard, cheetah, or zebra are so famous and in style these days. You can so many shirts in orange or dark green color with cheetah or leopard print on them.  

animal print african fabric

And the best part is that it looks so good, anyone can wear these prints. If you like wearing animal prints, this is the print for you! 

Ankara Prints  

Ankara Prints are also known as famous batik prints, one of the famous wax prints people look for. These prints are so bold in color that you will fall in love just by looking at them. These prints are produced after a long melting wax and dying that is visible to both sides.  

Ankara Prints African

This fabric is indeed handcrafted with love. The prints come in traditional animal, floral, geometric motifs from African Culture.

This fabric is best for Caftans and skater skirts.  

Mud Cloth  

Mud Cloth is one of the famous fabrics with a great history attached to it, this fabric used to be made with fermented mud initially, but time has changed, and it is now made with dye and paint. This fabric offers you that simple black and brown color fabric, which will give you that rustic feel you were looking for.  

Mud Cloth fabric

The patterns are repeated on the fabric and generally constitute circles and waves. It is the perfect fabric for home décor. Suppose you are looking for a fabric to make tapestry and lampshades. It is the perfect fabric. 


It is the most famous fabric that you’ve seen in African Culture. This fabric is famous for its vibrant designs with bright colors. This fabric is mainly used on V-neck caftans, hems, and sleeves. It is the traditional print that is used for different occasion clothing.  

Dashiki fabric african

But with modern times, the Dashiki fabric has started coming in a more subtle and simple form. If you are a fan of colorful prints, you should go for this print; it has that festive and joyful feel. 

There are so many options to choose from that you will never stop wanting more. It is the perfect guide for you if you are looking for a change in your style. African wax print fabrics are among the best comfy fabrics while taking care of your style.  

These fabrics don’t only make sure that your style is up to date, but they also make sure that you are comfortable while wearing them. These fabrics are perfect for different occasions and photoshoot sessions.    Now, you know everything you need to know before looking for that African Wax print you’ve been looking for! Then why wait? Get yourself the best fabric that is just made for you!

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