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How Can a Student Play a Specific Role For the Better Society?

Education is one of the most important elements that can bring a change in society and students are the flag bearers of it. In today’s day and age, our society is filled with a number of problems that need to be resolved as soon as possible so that our country can move forward with prosperity.

Students play a vital role in the betterment of society because an educated society is better than an uneducated society in every way. Nothing in this world can move forward without education and the hardships of students. The youth of a nation is an asset and most of our youth consists of students who have the ability to overcome the issues our country faces on day to day basis.

It is a known fact that children are impressionable as their minds are molding with whatever they see and learn. This is why it is said that education doesn’t only start at a school but it begins at home. When a child is taught to respect and is treated in the same way only then they learn to translate their respect to society and spend their life accepting and respecting everything and everyone.

Students learn to be responsible throughout their academic life because they are given multiple tasks and responsibilities which they have to overcome to achieve their goals and so this sense of responsibility is what society desperately needs. A society requires its citizens to be responsible enough to accept and adapt to change, to take responsibility for their faults or wrongdoings so that they can improve themselves as an individual and society needs individuals who are mature and responsible.

Education is the main reason why people become aware of their surroundings and being aware is the most important aspect of our lives. If we are unaware of the differences between right and wrong or black and white then neither we can nor our society will be able to prosper with dignity. Knowing when to stand up for something can bring a change in our society for the better.

Education enlightens students and helps them identify the evil in our society so they can eliminate it with due diligence. This enlightenment lacks an uneducated society which is the reason why societies with low literacy rates respond slowly to change and are not as adaptive as others.

A responsible student wouldn’t waste his/her time on things that are a distraction so that they can carry their societies on the shoulders of their wisdom and civilize behaviors. Also, students are the generation which can bring a positive change in our society and so their contributions are of big help.

Students should be able to develop a habit of honesty so that they can overcome and fight the evil and unfairness of this society. They can help others with their wisdom and can inform people about their rights or even raise their voice and stand up for the rights of people who are incapable of doing so for themselves or don’t even know what’s better for them.

The uprising and uplifting behavior of students don’t allow them to follow someone or something blindly instead educated people to make their own opinions after evaluating and assessing every situation. Education allows the students to break the shackles of flawed monotonous mindsets and can bring a change in a society for the betterment.

Students with a good education can establish far and wide careers for themselves and can better their way of living which can all eventually lead to a stable and prosperous economic state for a country. When the society is educated there is less poverty, corruption, and more respect, social awareness, and responsibility.

Well-educated and talented students can become a reason for a country to be proud. Some of the Pakistani students such as Arfa Karim, Malala Yousufzai, Haroon Tariq, Waqas Ali, and many others became the reason for Pakistan to be proud and painted a positive image for our country in front of the world.

According to the data collected by thesis help service in Pakistan, the literacy rate in our country is around 59 percent out of which only 47 percent are women and 71 percent are men. 59% may not be enough but it has the ability to achieve a better society if the chain of providing education is not interrupted. Education is without a doubt a necessary requirement because a student can single-handedly bring a change in society and make it a better place for others to live in.

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