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Tips for Conveyor System Maintenance

Conveyor systems need regular maintenance for them to be operational fully. Aging comes not just to us but also to these conveyor parts. Whether it is conveyor rollers or conveyor belts, they are often used to the point of abuse. In order to save yourself from excess expenditure on replacing the conveyor parts, again and again, make sure that you carry out proper maintenance.

In case you have been searching for tips on conveyor system maintenance, here we have laid them out for you:

Part Repairs

Instead of going for complete conveyor system replacement, consider repairing the parts that require fixing. When the conveyor system is faulty, it is usually due to the presence of some obsolete part or a part that has broken. Also, keep a check on the latest products and equipment in use. If some part is no longer manufactured, it would be difficult to replace it. In such a scenario, you will be required to replace the whole conveyor system.

Maintenance Personnel

Whenever the conveyor system faces an issue, whether it is a small broken part or the entire system has failed to function, make sure that you hire experienced technicians to handle the job efficiently. When you are looking out for a technician to repair the system, do not compromise on the quality of work to save some money. It is best to spend a considerable amount on handling the maintenance requirements of the conveyor systems. Ask the technicians about the kind of experience and expertise they have. If you spend some money now, you can save a lot in the long run.

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Prevention is Better Than Cure

When it comes to maintenance, nothing holds more true. If you are waiting for the conveyor systems to break down before getting them serviced, it will only cause major troubles. For instance, if you maintain your vehicle on a regular basis and grease the parts frequently, the chances of breakdown are highly reduced. The same goes for a conveyor system. Different parts require different kinds of maintenance and care. Do not wait for the system to come to a halt. Practice preventive maintenance.

Replace Failed Parts as soon as you can

If a part of the conveyor system has failed, it is best to get it replaced rather than waiting for the whole system to collapse since it can halt production for a longer time. Always keep a stock of spare parts so you can ensure timely replacement of faulty parts.

Use Good Quality Equipment

The chances of failure are reduced if the quality of the equipment is great. While good equipment will be more expensive than a poor quality part, spending money now is a better idea rather than dealing with frequent breakdowns.

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Organise Inspections

Since the maintenance of conveyor belts is a difficult task, it is best to organize frequent inspections to make sure that the system doesn’t fault. Maintaining a record of the inspections can help you locate the faulty part before it is too late.


In order to increase the lifespan of the conveyor system, it is crucial to be organized and spend wisely on buying the latest and the best quality parts. Also, make sure that you always have some spare parts so you can fix the smaller issues in little to no time. Always keep in mind that a good maintenance routine will help the conveyor systems stand the test of time.

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