How to Brand Book Series? – Tips to Brand Your Book Series!

Branding yourself is as difficult as branding your product. If you are trying to brand your book, then indirectly you are marketing yourself. A book cannot be used for attracting people till the time they know you as a writer, author, and person.

Writing a book, deciding on its cover page, the font size of the content, the color of the book cover, etc. can be a strenuous task. However, if you take help from a branding company or professional firm – you might end up being famous around the globe. Moreover, such companies not only provide you with a brand name, but they also invite you to interact with your fans/followers and their views on your piece of work.  

However, sometimes these branding companies cost you thousands of dollars for one set of series. To save you for such cases, we have put down some of the essential points that will help you to stay in touch with your readers and become a brand effortlessly.

Standard visual effects

The instant that people look at your book – they should recognize the series. For this, it is important that you provide a particular kind of bar color on the top with your book name. People will instantly recognize your book and related series. This is the most useful tactic for branding a product like the novel. Fiction or nonfiction, this tactic works with both.


Logo – Choose the Right Logo

Do you have a business logo? No, then create one. If you’re fresh in this industry, it’s essential for you to create your logo which will, of course, represent you and your company. Afterward, whichever book or novel you write, that logo will be printed on the front or first page, about the author page, and the last or the cover of the book. This logo will represent you. Every book can change the logo color or a little bit of style, but the design will remain the same. This helps people to recognize you through a picture, image, or logo.

Colour Combination

Colour is the thing that people associate with. It is tough for people to forget interesting photos, images, logos, pages, etc. Therefore, the bar we were talking about, on top of every page – should have a color that is also with your logo or letterhead. However, if your logo contains multiple colors – you can also add them to the coverage of your new novel. It’s sometimes, important for enticing customers through the book cover as well.

Best Font Selection

We can never ignore font as one of the most vital aspects of branding. People remember what they see, especially if it’s a particular style that has never been used in this professional industry. If you use a particular font on your letterhead, documents, and logo – then it is recommended to use the same font for the title and page numbers of the novel. The book can be printed in a similar font.

Catchy Series Title

We mostly recommend people to use the same set name or title for their book. This again helps customers to register that you have a series of books. The series name can be or should be too obvious. People should be able to catch it as they hear or read it – this again helps readers to stay connected with you.


As people start reading your novel, they should have the habit to see a particular kind of font, style, and design in your novel. It could be as simple as creating the same style of page numbers, with pictures on every page. Everything that creates a comfortable rhythm for a reader should be your focus point. With continuous reading, they should be in a habit to understand your style of writing.

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