Acquisition Financing

Everything You Should Know About Acquisition Financing

Acquiring other companies is very common for businesses looking forward to expanding their business, increasing operation capacity, and increasing profit margins. Similarly, there are many more good reasons to acquire the business. In order to do so, the company needs to secure sufficient capital through acquisition financing in Alberta.

What is Acquisition Financing?

Acquisition financing refers to a credit facility obtained to acquire another business. It allows the companies to meet their acquisition needs immediately. There are various choices for a company that is looking forward to acquisition financing. The most preferred choices include a line of credit or a traditional loan. It helps companies to increase the size of the company’s operation. The company looking for acquisition financing can apply for a mortgage through the banks as well as other acquisition financial Services in Canada.

Interestingly, Acquisition Financing is generally obtained from different sources. If you want to acquire a company, you will have to do some homework to determine the right mix of loans with the lowest cost of capital.

Cash acquisition

Cash acquisition refers to a process in which shares are exchanged for cash. But remember, cash transaction is only applicable if the acquired company has a lower cash reserve than the acquirer.

Stock swap transaction

The stock-swap transaction is a common method used in businesses. In this method, the company exchanges its stocks with the target company. Be sure you carefully evaluate the stocks of the company you are supposed to acquire to figure out whether it is worth the exchange or not.


The equity financing option is used to acquire a company operating in a challenging environment with uneven cash flow.

Acquisition through debt

Debt is considered the most convenient and inexpensive way to acquire a company. In this method, the company accesses the target company’s cash flow, liability, and profitability.

Acquisition through mezzanine

It is considered a hybrid form of financing that includes debt and equity features. A mezzanine loan is generally offered the target company is performing well.

These are some major ways the companies can acquire the target company to expand, increase business capability, and increase the profit margins. Now let’s uncover all possible reasons for acquiring the other companies.

Following are the reasons for acquiring a company;

  • Another major reason for acquiring a company is direct access to quality staff or additional staff that ultimately plays a significant role in improving the business performance. Likewise, the company gets access to their vast knowledge and experience of working in different industries. Be sure the company you choose should complement your business and can easily adapt your business, ensuring your business operation is not hampered.
  • Accessing valuable assets and funds is another major reason for acquiring the other company. This helps in new developments, better production, and improving the distribution facilities. Therefore, always look for a profitable company with unused capacity that can be purchased at a small premium.
  • The business acquisition can be done when your own business is not performing well, and you want it to grow anyhow. In that case, instead of expanding your business, you should consider buying an existing business that has already been established.
  • Getting direct access to a wider customer base is another reason for acquiring a business. By acquiring another business, you directly increase the market share that you can use to increase your business growth in a shorter time.
  • Diversification of the product and services can be another reason to acquire a business. Maybe the business you acquire offer product and services you sell through your distribution channels.
  • Acquiring a business may also help reduce overhead costs through the shared marketing budgets, increase purchase power, and lower the operating cost of the business.
  • Reducing competition is another reason to acquire a company. Buying a growing company, products, and services are cheaper than developing them in your company.

The final words

Be sure you have a solid reason to acquire a company. And for the acquisition financing, speak to the finance experts, and find out all possibilities. Multiple companies are offering financial services in Alberta. All you need to do is shortlist some most popular financial services, have words with each one individually, and then proceed to acquire a company.

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