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Important Aspects of Home Renovation

Renovation is a long-term investment, especially if it is a lifestyle investment rather than an investment for profit.

40 percent of homeowners plan to renovate their home to improve the quality of life. While a few other people also take budget into consideration. So it is important to assess a few important areas of your home before you plan to renovate. For instance, upgrading kitchen, fireplace and bathroom are the top three most popular areas to renovate.

Take a look at the most important areas of your house that you should renovate

Roof and foundation

Roof and foundation

Renovate the major structural areas like your roof to protect future renovation work. Make sure that you repair the important structural areas including –

  • Joists, weak walls and carrying beams
  • Damaged windows and sliding
  • Most importantly, replace roof.

Carpentry work

 Carpentry work

Carpentry work is crucial when it is a matter of renovation. It is best to hire a carpenter for a few important work like

  • Constructing new walls
  • Moving walls
  • Punching in new doors or removing existing door
  • Enlarging window openings
  • Adding new construction windows.

Kitchen area


The major kitchen remodel varies widely depending on the region. The significant parts to look into include

  • Paint of the cabinets and replacement of hardware
  • Use of granite tiles instead of full slab of granite for the countertops
  • Repair the scratch and dent stainless steel appliances
  • Update the light fixtures



Fireplace is often the most commanding element in any room. The size and abundance of material are often the factor. But when it comes to renovating a fireplace, you need to look into a few critical areas that demand repair or remodeling work. This involves

  • Fuel choice – whether you want a natural gas, electric, wood-burning or a bio-fuel fireplace
  • Size and scaling – how much of a statement you wish to make with the fireplace
  • Location of the fireplace and the furniture placement
  • The style of the fireplace can alter the look of the entire room
  • Hearth – a substantial hearth add great prominence and look to your fireplace
  • Mantel – a mantel can make or break the look of the wall and distribute heat away from any painting or TVs above the fireplace
  • Structure – work on the structural limitation. The limitations may include the position and condition of the wall, plywood or drywall depending on the surround, condition of fireplace box.

A fireplace renovation done wrong is not easy to undo.



Bathroom renovation is an exciting task. The renovation work refers not only to the duration but also certain immediate important steps. An effective bathroom renovation should address all the basic needs, both physical and spiritual. Check out the crucial things to consider when for bathroom renovation.

Elegant fixtures including cabinet vanity, tub and bathroom sculptures

Durable flooring that could be ceramic, marble, stone tiles and water-resistant choices. Subfloor heating coils will make these hard surfaces warm.

The bath tub which should offer enough room to stretch out and provide a secure foothold and neck support.

Using unutilized spaces with something that you use on a daily basis like storage cabinet, door flush.

Attic bedroom


If you’re in need of some extra space, or a new bedroom, your attic is the best place to choose. Renovating an attic is a common and smart way to renovate your house. Here’s how you can make your attic convert into a full-size bedroom

  • Make sure the attic is 7 feet high, 7 feet wide and 70 square feet
  • Put in a ceiling fan for better climate control
  • Hush up the floors
  • Apply spray foam roof insulation
  • If installing a new bathroom, position it above a bath or kitchen below
  • Utilize every possible space for storage

Interior painting and wallpaper of the house

Interior painting

Painting the interior wall, molding and trim, changing wallpaper, staining and sealing trim are some of the detail-oriented surface finishes that should be the last items to renovate in your house.

So plan ahead and set yourself targets. Your decisions will have significant consequences down the line.

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