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Know Tips to Protect Your Home During Renovation

Interior site protection is the best option to maintain a reasonable clean home during renovation and it should be done before any job takes place.

  1. Any renovation project irrespective of small or large can create a mess. Destruction, drywall, cutting wood, flooring work, painting job all add to the mess and dust. It is important to protect existing finishes and area during a renovation. If you do not cover the existing interior area or cover them with inadequate materials, your floor, furniture can get scratched, dented and infused with drywall dust that will be tough to remove after the renovation work is over. Therefore, interior site protection is the best option to maintain a reasonable clean home during renovation and it should be done before any job takes place.

Ways to protect your interior

Dust protection:

It is crucial to do the dust protection when you carry out a renovation project. A requirement for cleanliness, family members prone to dust allergy, and indoor air quality are key reasons to ensure dust management. Ensure that all air registers within the work zone are obstructed where dust and demolition can be produced while construction is going on.  If you do not do so, dust will eventually make its way into your ductwork and your filter, causing them to clog and affecting their efficiency.

Floor protection

If you use floor protection, you can protect your floors from getting damaged while contractors walk between the door and work zone. If you use a heavy duty plastic with an adhesive back to lay over carpets or opt for painter’s tape to apply it around the perimeters of the room, you can easily keep your carpets clean during renovation.

Floor protection options

When it comes to floor protection, you can opt for several options. If you are going to have heavy demolition, you should choose some sturdy and quality materials.


The corrugated cardboard is the cheapest way to protect your floor. Save some cardboard boxes. It will be better if you choose the larger one. You can use refrigerator boxes. Flatten the boxes and cut them properly to fit into the floor. Tape them them with duct tape at the seams.


If you have to work with drywall, you should cover your floor properly and the other important stuffs of your interior. If you want to get your spackle sanded, you must cover the floor and other stuff in a proper manner. To protect the floor, you can use hard surface protection. This is a material made of quality plastic and has an adhesive back. This substance is strong enough to resist scratches and dents. You can remove it easily after the renovation job is over. To use this, you do not require tape the material.

Foam rubber tiles

You can use the foam rubber tiles to protect the surface of your floor. This will moderate the blow if anything will fall on the floor. This floor protection will make your cleaning job easy after the renovation.

Remember, cover every possible stuffs starting from home appliances, furniture, and kitchen counter top to protect them from scratches and scuffs. With this, you can keep away dust, dirt and damages from your home.

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