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How can beginners take care of their lawn?

If you plan to start a lawn care routine and do it for the first time, you can face initial hiccups. It is baffling when you start as you have no clue. You can start with the yard as it is the first thing that any person can observe. 

A lawn care service includes mowing, fertilizing, mulching, and many other activities. If you want to take care of your lawn like a professional, follow the below steps; local lawn care service provider in St. Johns County, FL, practice these suggestions- 

1. Mowing

You may think that mowing is an easy task, and you have been doing it for years. However, you haven’t met the perfection that you have been chasing. Looking at professionals from a lawn maintenance service in St. Johns County, FL, you may think, what makes the difference. Read on, if you want to know-

  • Use only sharp blades

Keeping your blade sharp is a good practice for better mowing. If the blade is not sharp, it will tear the grass, and you will not get the finishing you were expecting. 

  • Mow at the perfect height

Experts from the lawn care services in Mandarin FL suggest cutting the grass at a moderate height. However, it is a personal choice if you want to cut the grass short. Cutting one-third of the grass’s height is considered a healthy practice.

  • Mow after every five to seven days

Leave a growth margin for your grass, and allow them to grow. It is good to trim grass after every five to seven days. 

2. Fertilization

Some people think that watering and irrigation are enough to keep the yard healthy. Adding fertilizer can provide extra nutrients to your yard. You can bring the fertilizer from the gardener. Sometimes, fertilizer can also limit the growth of grass due to the following reasons-

  • Imbalance in PH level of soil

If your soil is too acidic, the fertilizer can further ruin the grass’s growth. Instead, you can choose the lime treatment.

  • Use eco-friendly fertilizer

Chemical-ridden fertilizer can damage the grasses. Instead, you can use compost to make the grasses healthier. 

3. Irrigation

Irrigations seem a simple task. However, adequate irrigation requires effort. A healthy grass thrives under a proper irrigation system; try that your grass doesn’t get dry and doesn’t get water-logged. You can follow the below steps to ensure that the grass remain hydrated-

  • Water the roots

Ensure that the water reaches the roots; your grass may turn dry if water doesn’t penetrate. 

  • Watering at the right time

Usually, early morning watering ensures that the moisture reaches the roots. Water may evaporate in the day, and at night, the yard may get water-logged. Excessive water can allow the breeding of fungus and other unwanted elements. 

4. Air Circulation

Air circulation allows grass to breathe. It is an essential step that every lawn keeper must perform once or twice a year. When you pull out some roots, it allows grass to absorb oxygen. The moisture and nutrients reach the roots of the grass. If you want to make sure that the air reaches properly to the roots, follow the below steps-

  • Check if the lawn has hard surfaces; if yes, start the aeration process as soon as possible.
  • It is good to do the aeration process when the grass is moist; experts say the spring season is the best. 
  • Keep the aeration process once or twice a year, and not too often.

5. Seeding treatment

Seeding treatment fills the bald space in the lawn. It promotes the healthy growth of grass along with filling the blank spaces. Seeding treatment must be performed after the aeration process for the best result. 

Additional tips

If you are a beginner, the above points will help you in maintaining your beautiful lawn. However, if you feel that the task is overwhelming, hiring a Local Lawn Care Services St. Johns County, FL is bestTheir expertise will maintain your lawn as you want. 

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