aloe vera farming

Aloe Vera Farming and Manufacturing Business

What is aloe vera farming? And how is aloe vera important to us and what are the benefits from aloe farming and trade? Today we will talk about the cultivation of aloe vera and its benefits, that is why definitely read the entire article.

Aloe vera is also known as Aloe barbadensis. Nowadays the demand for Aloe Vera is increasing very fast because people know that Aloe Vera is a miracle plant, it has countless benefits in the market. Aloe Vera juice, cream, gel, etc. You must have seen yourself doing Aloe Vera farming business. You can earn money, yes friends, you heard right. You can make millions by cultivating aloe vera at low cost and wages.

Keeping in mind the consumption and market demand of any product, if you do business, you can earn profits more quickly. If we talk about Aloe Vera, then you will know that Aloe Vera is in great demand in the international market, mainly because of has medicinal benefits. Be it pharmaceutical companies or cosmetic products, Aloe vera’s demand is good in all these areas and you can earn a lot of profit by supplying Aloe vera. That’s why you can earn millions by cultivating aloe vera.

How to Cultivate Aloe Vera

You get low cost and maintenance in farming aloe vera and the best is that there is no need to put more water in it. If you are from a desert area and its surrounding villages, then it is very good for you because Aloe vera grows very fast in an area with sandy and hot temperatures.

It is very important to choose the right Aloe vera seeds as it depends on your entire business. There are different hybrids of Aloe vera available in the market. You can choose the following breed which grows very fast and also reduces the risk of worms.

These hybrid plants grow very fast and give you more profits in less time.

aloe vera farming

In about 2 acres of land, you can grow aloe vera so that you will get a profit of 4-5 lakhs dollars easily from the s16econd year. It has been seen that in 2 acres of land you can grow about 35 tons of aloe vera and the price of one ton in the United States market is between 25-30 thousand dollars, you can guess how much profit it will give.

Land Selection for Aloe Vera Agriculture

For the agriculture of aloe vera, you need to choose the right land, choose an area where there is no water and moisture, the soil is sandy and it is even better. The land should be slightly higher so that rainwater cannot be stored in it.

After the land selection, now it is the turn to prepare the land for Aloe vera i.e. to plow the land, before the start of the monsoon, you should keep the field ready, plowing the land in such a way that there is no more lump of soil. You should combine 12-15 tons of manure and plow it again.

Must Spray Pesticides in Aloe Vera Cultivation

The mealy worm destroys the Aloe vera plant. The main symptom is that your growing Aloe vera plantation starts to have a rash, due to which the plant is in danger of deterioration and you must spray the correct insecticide 0.2% of Spray the malathion aqueous solution or 0.1% of paratheon and also spray 0.2% dithane M-45 once a week. This will not destroy your plants.

Aloe Vera Harvesting

You can harvest Aloe vera in 8 months. At the time of harvesting, you have to make sure that you do not cut the Aloe vera plant from the root because Aloe vera grows again from the same root. Broken, you will harvest from the second year to the fifth year without planting again.

How to Market Aloe Vera and Find Aloe Vera Suppliers

Now it is the turn of the marketing of Aloe Vera if we do marketing of any business well then the profit is doubled. You should target only the pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic, Ayurvedic companies to sell your Aloe Vera. . If you make your Aloe vera juice and sell it online, with your branding, it will double your profits.

aloe vera cultivation

Where Did Aloe Vera Sell

Let us tell you that if you cultivated aloe vera properly and at least 25 tons in 2 acres of land, then aloe vera will be grown continuously in years, in the heavy market the price of aloe vera per ton is at least 15-30 thousand dollars and you can earn your income of millions of dollars a year easily and can earn for 5 consecutive years without planting again, the cost of starting is only 60 thousand dollars if the land is yours.

So, friends, this is not a very profitable business, so what should you do for the cultivation of Aloe Vera and earn millions of dollars, if you have any questions about the cost and maintenance, then please ask in the comment box given below.

License and legal document for the business of aloe vera gel or juice

The legal process of obtaining a license depends on the place of business, each location has its own legal rules, usually, the company’s registration and the license are obtained by the state government authority. If you set up a factory for cosmetic products, then you have to get a special license for it.

  • First of all, according to the management pattern, that is, what kind of business you are going to register.
  • Apply online for MSME Industry Aadhaar Registration.
  • Apply to Pollution Control Board NOC.
  • Apart from this, you should also have a current bank account.

FAQs About Aloe Vera Farming

Is Aloe Vera farming profitable?

With the growing demand for aloe vera, its business can prove to be very profitable.

How much money can you make from Aloe Vera farming?

Applying a processing unit for aloe vera juice may require an investment of about $6 to $7 Million, through the machine you can extract up to 150 liters of juice, it costs up to $50 to make 1 liter of juice. If you sell in the market, you can get its value up to $150 and after making this investment you can earn up to $20 lakh by selling juice.

Where can I sell aloe vera?

Aloe vera is used in herbal, cosmetic products, juices and pharmaceutical companies, etc. There are so many companies in the United States related to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to always eager to buy aloe vera.

Which soil is best for growing Aloe Vera?

Rain and the moist area are required for aloe vera cultivation. It can also be cultivated in dry areas. A little higher land is better for its cultivation so that water does not stagnate, otherwise, the plant may be damaged.

How long does it take for aloe vera to grow from seed?

Aloe vera may take 3 to 4 weeks to grow from seed depending upon species.

How can I make aloe vera grow faster?

The aloe vera plant takes a maximum of six months to grow. Fertilizer or other nutrients can be added to it once in two months this can help aloe vera plant to grow fasters.

Does aloe vera grow back after cutting?

Aloe vera leaves that we cut off won’t grow back.

Can you cut aloe vera and replant it?

Aloe vera plant is ready in 7-8 months, you can harvest it in the eighth month. Never prune the plant because it grows again.

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