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5 Must Have Features In Your Home Security System

Whenever I tune in to a news channel or website, I find at least one piece of article or news that reminds me how important the security system in my home is. I am sure many of you go through a similar chain of thought from the time to time.

However, home security technology has come a long way in a relatively short span of time. Just a few years ago, all a home security system could do was ring alarms when someone tried to enter your property. They were so incompetent, that most of the time, it was one of my pets that would trigger them. Well, safe to say, times have changed for good. Security technology is now more convenient, intelligent, sensible, and most importantly, much more secure in today’s age. Check out these 5 marvels of modern security technology, without which, your security system remains incomplete.

Home security technology

An upgrade to the basics

Door and window alarms and a security alarm that would ring if you don’t enter the code fast enough were the only major essentials in the older security system. The pinnacle of home security technology was a system that could send an intimation to emergency services in case it sensed something unusual. This could be easily overcome by an intruder if they find out which telephone wire to cut.

However, these basic features are now more advanced than ever. Sensors and alarms are now more sensitive, and more intelligent. Some of the door alarms can even tell the difference between an intruder and your pet! Similarly, smoke detectors now employ a technology that constantly monitors air quality for carbon dioxide, which is coupled with temperature sensors that offer more accuracy. Security systems have now become wireless, meaning they use either your wi-fi or a GSM signal to connect with emergency services.

CCTV Technology

While it is true that CCTV cameras have been around for some time, CCTV technology has recently evolved manifold. The most common weakness of CCTV systems was their control panel, which could easily be tracked and used to alter the cameras.

Security cameras these days can be connected to your phone via an app, and provide you a LIVE feed of your home. However, finding reliable CCTV cameras can be somewhat of a challenge. Security companies would often try to sell you cheap and poor-quality cameras. It is thus very important to find a reliable security system vendor for the components of your home security system.

CCTV Cameras

Front Door Lights, Cameras, and Remote Locks

Powerful lights at your front door won’t only come in handy when you are looking for your keys, when combined with a security camera, they come in very handy in identifying visitors at the front door. This is especially important if you have children or the elderly staying alone at your property.

Technology has always made our lives easier. The same is the case with remote door locks. Modern remote locks can be operated through a smartphone application.

Doors lock and keys

Smart Surveillance and Integrated Security

Smart surveillance takes the use of CCTV cameras a step further. Once you have gotten the cameras, placing them strategically, so that they cover a large field of vision and there are absolutely no blind spots.

Similarly integrated security enhances the efficiency of your security system. It simply means to incorporate changes that positively affect the effectiveness of your security system. For instance, placing motion sensor lights in dark areas, so that if someone does walk into that area, the camera will be able to capture who it was.


Designing a comprehensive and effective home improvement system is difficult, but surely not impossible. In fact, with today’s technology, it is much easier than it used to be just five years ago. Take advantage of these advances, and keep yourself and your family safe.

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