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Why You Should Get Rid of Your Old Car

Regular maintenance of the car helps in increasing its lifespan. However, there comes a point when you know that your car is old and that you need to get rid of it.

While some of us are fine with it, some of us try to use our cars for as long as possible. This may not always be a good idea.

What one needs to realize is that once the car gets old, it becomes much more expensive to carry out its regular maintenance. Also, the older the car, the greater is the threat it poses to the environment.

If your car is very dear to you, we understand that you wouldn’t want to part with it, but here we will try to give you enough reasons to do so.

Having talked to various scrap car removal companies, we found out that there are plenty of reasons to give away your old car for good:

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They consume more oil and fuel

We are sure that no one is fine with spending extra money on fuel. An old car can raise your expenditure on oil and fuel by a considerable margin. You wouldn’t even realize and your old car will start burning a hole in your pocket.

They break down every now and then

While most of the movie scenes highly romanticize a car breakdown since it leads to a fortunate turn of events, in reality, it is actually very different. The older your car, the more are the chances of the breakdown. Consider this, you are headed for an important meeting and your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Do you see any good coming out of it? In such a scenario, it is best to get rid of your car as soon as you can.

They cause environmental pollution

While every vehicle that uses petrol or diesel to run is a major contributor to air pollution, old vehicles are even more responsible for this. It applies, especially to old diesel vehicles. Various countries in the world have laws that ban the use of diesel vehicles that are above 10 or 15 years old.

Old BMW car

Old cars pose a threat to life

As we mentioned, an old car is more prone to frequent breakdowns. The severity of the breakdown can vary. If the car is too old, there is an increased risk of brake failure or oil spill which poses a threat to life and even property.

They use up available space

We have the tendency to keep our old cars parked in the garage even when they are not so useful anymore. In such a scenario, an old car is just using up the available space.

Sell your old car for cash

A good scrap car removal service will pay you a fair amount for your car. Giving away the car while it is still not very old can help you make more money when you sell it. If the car gets too old and the car parts start to wear out, you may not be able to get the same amount of money. Is that not convincing enough?


We know that old is gold but it doesn’t apply to an old car that is no longer usable. Your best bargain is to sell it and get the best value for money. So enquire from various car removal services and get a free price quotation now!

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