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Advantages of Renewable Energy

With the non-renewable sources of energy constantly getting depleted, there is a rising shift towards renewable sources of energy. As the term implies, these are the sources that can be renewed and don’t get depleted over time.

Non-renewable sources of energy include fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, etc that take millions of years the form and are slowly getting depleted. Renewable sources of energy include wind, solar energy, etc.

There are various benefits that renewable sources of energy offer over non-renewable ones. Let us find them out:

Solar panels on array roof

1. Can be Renewed

Renewable sources of energy help in shifting our dependence on non-renewable sources. Since the supply of renewable sources of energy will never run out, there is no risk of depletion involved.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Renewable sources of energy do not cause problems like air or water pollution. When non-renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels are burnt, they create a negative impact on the environment. They are largely responsible for problems like climate change and global warming. With renewable sources, this is a major advantage. Solar and wind energy when employed for the generation of power, they cause no emissions.

3. Requires Less Maintenance

The initial costs of setting up the infrastructure to tap renewable energy may be high but there are minimum maintenance costs involved in the long run which makes it very profitable.

Two workers installing solar on roof

4. Benefits Human Health

Since the non-renewable sources create a lot of detrimental effects on the environment, public health is also put at risk. Air pollution causes breathing problems in people while water pollution poses a threat to animals and marine life as well. Switching from non-renewable to renewable sources can benefit human health by reducing the reliance on sources that cause pollution.

5. Accessible

While not every country has access to sources like petroleum, coal, or natural gas, most of them have access to wind, solar or geothermal energy. Since these energy sources are more accessible, they can be considered as more reliable sources as compared to non-renewable ones.

Further Note

To give a boost to renewable sources of energy, many places are offering solar inverters for sale and a whole range of similar products at discounted prices. You should avail these benefits while they still exist.

It is our responsibility to help drive this shift towards using renewable sources. Let us all be a part of this change.

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