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Myths and Facts about Solar Energy and Solar Powered Devices

Many people think that solar power is not for them for a number of reasons like the technology is not ready, location is not suitable, etc. The fact is that there are plenty of benefits of using solar energy and solar-powered devices.

You will come across a huge number of people using solar panels here in WA and a lot of other areas around Australia. Have a look at some of the very common myths and their actual facts when it comes to solar energy and solar powered devices:

Worker installing solar panels

Myth: Solar powered devices only work during the day.

Fact: Solar-powered devices derive energy from the sun during the day but are effective even at the night. Have you ever observed solar-powered lights on the highway? They get charged by the sun during the day and usually work all the way through the night. So believing that solar-powered devices work only during the day has no factual argument to support it.

Myth: Solar panels are harmful for human health.

Fact: Companies are aiming for an eco-friendly approach wherein they emphasize eliminating the use of toxic substances in the creation of solar panels. This helps reduce the impact on the environment and human health is not also not affected.

Myth: Solar power is expensive.

Fact: The initial installation of solar equipment may seem costly but considering the fact that the equipment usually requires very little maintenance and provides an affordable source of energy, the argument “solar power is expensive” is not the right one to make. Solar power is actually pocket-friendly in the long run. Over the years, the price of solar power has reduced to a great extent.

Myth: Solar panels cannot be recycled.

Fact: Most solar panels have a life expectancy of around 30-35 years. Also, there has been an increasing shift in making solar panels recyclable.

Myth: Solar output on a cloudy day is zero.

Fact: While tapping solar energy drops very low on a sunny day, you can still achieve 20-25% solar power even on a cloudy day.

Myth: Solar panels do not work properly in cold weather.

Fact: Actually, a majority of solar panels work best in cold weather, as long as it is sunny. Cold temperatures have got a tendency of increasing their conductivity and allowing electricity to flow more efficiently. On the other hand, higher temperatures tend to decrease the efficiency of the panel. As solar panels heat up, they produce less electricity from the same amount of light.

Myth: A tracking system is compulsory for solar panels to follow the angle of the sun.

Fact: If solar panels are installed correctly, they are positioned to get the maximum exposure to the sun. Therefore, a tracking system is not at all compulsory. Some of the latest panels require tracking systems to adjust their position throughout the day. Although, the extra expense may not be worth the limited efficiency gains.

Myth: Solar panel systems store excess energy in batteries.

Fact: It is a fact that a huge number of home solar power systems do not store energy in batteries. They are connected to the power grid through net metering and the owners receive the energy that their solar panels add to the electrical grid. There is always an option of including a battery in your solar-powered device.

Solar on roof

So these were some of the very common myths and the actual facts about solar-powered devices. Hope you find this read interesting and informative.


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