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5 Steps to Find a Perfect Pool Table

Pool lovers around the world, you must know the challenges of playing pool with the wrong cue or at a low-quality table. Now, it is time that you stop sacrificing and find yourself the perfect pool table to suit all your preferences and standard of quality. But, how do you go about it? You might be an expert at playing pool, but are you an expert at finding a good table for your game of pool?

If the answer is yes, then very good, you can start shopping! But, if the answer is no, then you need some help from the experts, who make the tables and pool accessories. You will be able to find top-grade pool tables for sale and the option is so varied that you will definitely find one that suits your requirements and preferences!

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Ø  What Aspects need consideration while buying a Pool Table & Placing the Pool Table?

Playing a game of pool sounds exciting, but only if, you have the right table and pool balls! If you do not have the right table, then the game can be ruined. Most people forget that billiards and pool are not the same. They might seem the same, but in reality, there are some slight differences. So, a snooker billiards table will not suit your game of pool. Even if, you do know the difference, you will need to know the aspects that lead you to the perfect pool table. Here are just some of those aspects:

1.       Size of the Pool Table: What seems simple at the first sight might in reality be quite complicated! The same goes for the choices for the pool table size. The main concept is that there is a size regulation, which says that, the pool table length should be twice its width. Some might call in for a 9’ regulation or an 8’ regulation, there is no such thing. Do not go into such complexities, just measure out according to the mentioned standard regulation. Make sure that there is a 5 feet gap between the table periphery and room walls on all sides! You would not want to hit the walls with the cue.

pool table

2.       Composition of the Pool Table: Most pool tables come with a laminate, but nowadays, some also come with a veneer. If you compare a veneer pool table with a solid wood pool table, you are comparing cubic zirconium with a diamond! A solid wood table is more like an investment, which can be handed down to generations.

3.       The Budget for the Pool Table: The wide variety of choices help you find a pool table in your budget. It is true, that solid wood pool tables are the best, but even the veneer and laminated ones are good. If, you buy your pool table from a reputed dealer, then whatever table you buy, will offer you a good gaming experience. Solid wood pool tables are quite pricey, so if your budget is tight, you can go for a veneer table as well; just make sure the seller is a reputed one.

4.       Slate is Crucial: If a pool table does not have a slate, then you need to give it a pass. The slate must of an inch thickness, this helps keep the table leveled. A pool table that is not leveled is not the best tablet for a professional pool game. Even if, you are a novice, it is always a good idea to play on a leveled pool table, which offers a good game of pool.

5.       Style of the Pool Table: This does not affect the game, but the décor of the game room. There are many options to choose from, do you want to go rustic, retro, casual, or an antique pool table. The options are varied and hence, you are bound to find a pool table of your choice!

Now, that you are equipped with all the information for finding a good pool table, you can start shopping! Research on the seller, you are buying the pool table from and you will set yourself up for an awesome game of pool.

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