Different Types for Guitars – Ultimate Guide to Types of Guitars

You could be a beginner or are an expert. If you are curious about the several types of guitars, then you ought to read this article. We are introducing to you some of the essential guitar types that a guitarist should know. So, let us begin. 

1. Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

The all-time trending type of guitar is an acoustic one. You must be familiar with this guitar. Made from wood, six strings, and its hollow body helps in producing sounds acoustically. Even in acoustic guitars, you can find various types, depending on the sizes, tones, and appearance. Some guitars have nylon strings; some have steel ones. 

Beginners should definitely go for acoustic guitars and for singers who want to compose songs of their own. Just find a cozy corner in your home or a café and pick up the strings. This guitar is for all the solo guitarists.

2. Electro-Acoustic Guitars

Electro-Acoustic Guitars

Also known as the acoustic-electric guitar, this musical instrument has an embedded microphone in it. This guitar can be easily connected to an amplifier for loud music. These guitars are popular amongst stage performers. If you are participating in a live show soon, then this guitar needs to be a part of your package. 

3. Semi-Acoustic Guitars

Semi-Acoustic Guitars

This is a perfect blend of acoustic and electric guitars. Though they have a sleek appearance like an electric guitar, they have hollow bodies like the acoustic ones and give you the desired sound effect. If you are someone looking for versatility, then the semi-acoustic guitar is for you. Semi-acoustic guitars are good for regular artists you must have knowledge of basic electric and acoustic guitars. If you are a beginner it is not recommended to you.

4. Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars

With solid bodies, these guitars can be connected to an amplifier to produce loud sounds. Unlike the other types of guitars, you cannot just pick up an electric guitar and play it. These guitars are also available in various types, and you can choose as per your preferences. You can find 6—string and 12-string versions of this guitar. Electric guitars have been used in almost all styles of music.  Electric guitars offer a wide range of tonal options while all acoustic guitars are similar in tone.

5. Bass Guitars

Bass Guitars

The Bass guitars are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Generally, bass guitars come in 4-, 5- and 6-string models. The Bass guitar neck is fretted and containing steel frets to their complete length so the player can found the proper fingering positions. Bass guitars produce a little lower tone than the other types of guitars.

6. Nylon-string Classical Guitars

Nylon-string Classical Guitars

The classical guitar is made with nylon strings also known as the Spanish guitar. Generally, they are used to play flamenco or classical because nylon strings produce a mellow tone but nowadays the artist used it to play other types of music whichever they want.

Classical guitars are easy to play due to low string tension and a wide fretboard. Learning to play guitar on a classical guitar does make your journey slightly easier. There is much variety in sizes available of classical guitar which make it most popular for beginners.

Wait – From where are you buying the guitar? 

Once you have decided to buy a certain type of guitar, next is the musical instrument store to be determined. Go for the best guitar store which manufactures and designs instruments for the music industry. Such a company offers guitars of premium quality at reasonable prices and follows ethical business practices. 

They just don’t sell musical instruments, but really care for the musician or singer inside you. Instruments are not just mediums to create mesmerizing music, but a soul-filling expression of art. 

So, if you are starting out with guitar learning as a hobby or passion, make sure you are aware of the basic guitar types. Also, be focused and knowledgeable while purchasing a guitar for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Guitars

Which type of guitar is best for Beginner?

For learning purposes that provide fun and easy play are best. But according to professional the easiest guitar to learn with for beginner are steel-stringed acoustic guitar.

How to Choose a Guitar?

There are many factors you should consider while choosing the best guitar for you. These are the top choosing tips.
– Select the right size guitar.
– Select a guitar that does not sell at the bottom of the price barrel.
– Do not fall into the so-called Brand Name trap.
– Select a guitar with a finish and color that you enjoy.
– Tuning machines of guitar should operate smoothly.

What is the best acoustic guitar of all time?

There are many types of acoustics guitars that are available in different styles and shapes, some with electronics, smaller-bodied options, some without. But an acoustic guitar named Gibson Montana Hummingbird is truly special to make your songs take flight. The tone for this guitar is loud and bold but it also produces a warm tone.

Can you play bass guitar without an amp?

Yes, we can play an electric bass guitar without an amp by connecting it to a smartphone, computer or multi-effects pedal.

Are Electro Acoustic guitars good?

Electro-Acoustic guitars are a great option for live performances and stage shows. The main appeal of an Electro-Acoustic guitar for most artists is the price tag – they are much cheaper than other electric guitars.

How do I know if my guitar is semi acoustic?

The semi-acoustic guitar is essentially electric guitars with certain acoustic features and has a hollow or semi-hollow body. A semi-acoustic guitar produces more volume and tone as compared to an electric acoustic guitar.

Why do classical guitars use nylon strings?

The nylon strings on a classical guitar produce to a mellower, warmer sound, which is well-suited for classical, folk and flamenco music.

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