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If your computer is out of warranty and it breaks down, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You should just ditch it and buy a new computer or you should get it repaired? Most people don’t want to deal with the hassle or cost of getting them repaired, without realizing that getting the right computer technician could lead to a simple, inexpensive fix and a computer that’s like new again.

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Questions You Should Ask a Computer Technician

There are lots of professional and well-trained technicians when it comes to computer repairs in  Melbourne and all the major cities around Australia. In fact, many families have their own self-described computer-experts who are more than capable of performing computer repairs. However, what separates these experts from the ones you actually want working on your computer are experience, support, and documentation.

Let’s have a look at some of the questions that you should ask a computer technician before he starts working on your computer.

Qualifications & Credentials Computer Technician

The main problem with certifications in the computer repair industry is that most of the well-reputed certifications are vendor-specific. For example, Microsoft offers certification programs for its products, but that doesn’t do much good for other operating systems. It even gets outdated quickly, as Microsoft products get upgraded. Oracle has certifications. Dell, IBM, Cisco, and many other companies offer their own as well.

The point here is that you should ask if the person has a college degree related to computers. If they have some kind of ‘certification’, just make a note of what the certification is.

Experience & References

The next question should be as to how much experience the technician has and how good they are at what they do. This question can be asked indirectly by asking them how long they have been repairing computers for a living and also if they can provide customer references. Most of the technicians have references already set aside – customers that they get along with well and are more than happy to give them recommendations.

Cost of Computer Repairs in Melbourne

The next thing to ask is the cost. This is a tough topic in the PC support field, because, in all fairness to technicians, people really try to take advantage of them. Family members always expect free computer support. People pay a fixed fee for a repair and then expect a lifetime of free tech support afterward.

If you have asked the right questions, you have a price quote and all the agreements and guarantees in writing, you can leave your computer with the technician without any worries. Your computer will be repaired, you will pay a fair price and you can rest assured that if the problem comes back a few days later, you won’t be left hanging with the same problem.

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