How to Clean Spa Filters?

Best Way to Clean Hot Tub or Spa Filters

Hot tubs are a great way to loosen up and soothe your aching muscles. Nevertheless, the hot tub is good if it is cleaned in a proper way and doesn’t consist of any floating debris as well as body oils. It is due to this reason that the filter of your hot tub should be cleaned properly so that you can get all the benefits from it.

If you clean your filter regularly your tub will be able to function properly. Besides the life span of your hot tub will also be enhanced. The filter system helps to take away the dust and debris of spa water and keep the water clean. In fact, unhealthy bacteria also get removed that can start breeding in your spa water.

So every week you should remove the filter and wash it properly. In addition, you should also try to clean the filter with vinegar solution once a month.

Steps for cleaning spa filters

Time needed: 1 hour.

Let’s have a look at the steps to clean spa filters:

  1. Turning off spa pump

    First of all, you have to turn off the spa pump and then turn off the spa power at the circuit breaker.

    Turning off spa pump

  2. Detaching the lid cover

    Then you have to detach the lid cover of the filter if your filter is at all having any lid. You also need to slide your cylinder filter out. The filter of your spa should be visible whenever you are sitting in your tub. However, if you fail to locate the filter of your spa, you can instantly take a look at the manufacturer’s manual which provides a diagram of every detail of the spa.

    Detaching the lid cover

  3. Placing the filter in a tub

    After detaching the lid cover of the filter, you have to place the filter of your spa in a large water container or in a tub. You also have to ensure the fact that your entire filter gets submerged in water.

    Placing filter in a tub

  4. Pouring vinegar in water

    Next, you have to pour three cups of white vinegar into the spa water.

    Pouring vinegar in water

  5. Allowing the filter to soak in the solution

    Once you have poured the vinegar into water, you have to allow the filter of your spa to get soaked in the solution for at least 1 hour. It helps to give time to the vinegar to loosen up debris encrusted on the filter.

    Allowing filter to soak in solution

  6. Taking filter out of water and vinegar solution

    Then you have to take the filter of the spa out of the water as well as the solution of vinegar.

    Taking filter out of water and vinegar solution

  7. Rinsing with a garden hosepipe

    The next step will be rinsing the filter with the help of a garden hosepipe.

    Rinsing with garden hosepipe

  8. Placing filter back in normal position

    Once the rinsing of the filter is over, you have to return the filter to its normal position in the spa.

    Placing filter back in normal position

  9. Snapping lid back to its place

    Again you have to snap the lid back to its original position in the tub.

    Snapping lid back to its place

  10. Turning on the power

    Finally, you have to turn on the power of the spa at the circuit breaker.

    Turning off spa pump

Follow these steps to clean spa filters in an effective manner.

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