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How Can You Clean & Maintain Your Gas Stove?

LPC Gas stoves are responsible for providing simplicity, responsiveness, and retro-feeling to the kitchen space. Moreover, it has been reported that most chefs around the world love to with gas, compared to other cooktops such as induction. But, even though you might love working with a LPG gas stove, cleaning it every day after cooking all your recipes is always a challenging task.

Maintaining your LPG gas stove is the only way through which you can keep it working for upcoming years without any problems. With that in mind, we are bestowing some of the best ways through which you can ideally maintain your gas stove.

Why Should You Cook With LPG Gas?

One of the significant privileges of cooking with LPG gas over other types of cooktops is the responsiveness you get to experience with a gas stove. When you plan on twisting the dial of a gas stove, the amount of gas that is being released can easily be regulated, thereby giving you greater control over the cooking procedure.

Furthermore, LPG gas stovetops also look pretty great even to this date, and you’ll have a vast number of designs to choose from. You can even decide among materials such as stainless steel, enamel and glass. But, like with any other thing in this whole world, gas stoves are much more costly to obtain, and the installation procedure is tedious compared to electrical counterparts.

How to Keep Your Gas Stoves Clean

Using Vinegar

Vinegar is ideal to be used for the day-to-day care and also cleaning light grease stains. You can follow the below process when cleaning with vinegar:

Take some amount of vinegar in a spray bottle and spray your burners with the same. Let the vinegar sit for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Once done, use a clean cloth to wipe the vinegar.

The above procedure will make your gas stove look shiny and clean, as vinegar is highly effective at cutting through grease.

Using Baking Soda

Apart from vinegar, baking soda is also a great cleaning agent and can easily remove stubborn grime & grease stains. Moreover, like vinegar, it’s also environmentally safe to use and is quite affordable. Follow the below procedure for using baking soda for cleaning:

First, you need to scrub the gas stove using a mixture of warm water and dishwashing detergent. This will help in removing the initial grease coating.

Then add one spoon of baking soda to the mixture and thereby make it a thick paste.

Proceed to coat the complete gas stove using the thick paste and leave the mixture on for at least twenty minutes.

Once done, you can use a sponge to scrub the extra residue, which will thoroughly clean the stove.

How To Clean LPG Gas Burners?

LPG Gas Burners are extensively used for cooking purposes, both on a domestic and commercial scale. From home to commercial kitchens in restaurants and hotels, LPG Gas Burners can be found everywhere. Cooking has been made an easy task with the use of these burners. They can uniformly heat big utensils in minutes without any hassle. Cooking on LPG Gas Burners is quite easy and uncomplicated but keeping them clean can sometimes seem like an uphill task. Cleaning and maintenance of LPG Gas Burners are important to keep them in good working condition. Following are few tips for effectively accomplishing this task:

  • Shut down the gas valve before starting the cleaning procedure and exercise all the essential cautions to avoid accidents due to mishandling.
  • Unclogging the perforations or holes of LPG Burners is quite important because when they are used daily grease and dirt tend to accumulate in them. Use a pin for cleaning the clogged holes and perforations of the burner.
  • Remove the detachable parts of LPG Burners and soak them in a mixture of lukewarm water and detergent. Use a brush to remove the dirt and grease which has accumulated on the inner and outer surfaces of the burners.
  • You can also use baking soda with detergent to eliminate all the grease and dirt from the detachable parts of LPG Burners.
  • Before rebuilding the detachable parts of LPG Gas Burners wipe them properly with a cloth in order to eliminate moisture. You can also blow dry them to make sure that moisture does not stick to the inner or outer walls of burners.
  • If the accumulation of grease on your LPG Gas Burners is too much to clean with an ordinary detergent and baking powder mix, you can use a degreaser for cleaning purposes. Use a citrus-based degreaser in order to effectively clean the LPG Gas Burners.

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